BeReal: Why’s Everyone Talking About It?

Written By

Syesha Suri

Written By

Syesha Suri

Posted On

September 9, 2022


Social Media

Bereal: Why's everyone talking about it

Are you feeling as overwhelmed as us? When it comes to social media, just as you think you have mastered the entire zone by being on top of every social network’s game, there is something new that pops up. 

Just when most of us felt in control of our IG, FB, TW and LI accounts, there’s something new that’s come, with a REAL bang! However, with the FOMO today’s gen has, it is impossible not to hop on to trying something new. 

So, let’s dive in to actually exploring what REALLY is this new social media app, BeReal. 

What is BeReal?

BeReal is a photo-sharing social app that is gaining popularity amongst the GenZs and millennials. This app does not involve the usual glam that other photo-sharing apps often have, rather it motivates its audience to be real and share real-time unfiltered photos.  

It encourages people to post real-time photos of what they are doing across the day, every day. This is not just a normal photo, it in fact involves 2 angles in one frame: of both the front camera and the back camera. 

The real hype of the app is created as it helps break the usual trend across the people in today’s age of posting pictures that portray a perfect life and goes beyond it to encourage them to show themselves right there in that moment, as they are. 

How Does It Actually Work?

On a daily basis, BeReal sends a notification to its users urging them to post a picture of what they are doing. It then takes a picture simultaneously with both the front and back camera showing what you are actually doing. 

The notifications sent by the app are absolutely random, they can be at any point of time in the day. This helps in ensuring that you are completely unfiltered and candid in the moment, and have no time to prepare yourself. 

Not only this, even though users can retake shots, your friends can know about the times it was retook. Also, if you do exceed a time limit of 2 minutes, your friends will be prompted about it, as it may mean that you prepared yourself for the shot. 

You can also engage with your friends’ shots but not just with emojis, you’ll have to take a shot of your reaction, known as the RealMoji.

However, with this app, you cannot be the silent spectator anymore. If you do not make any posts, you will not be able to see your friends’ posts as well. 

So well, it’s time to get real with your FOMO and your life. Hop on to BeReal to find out more about how people live their life in real-time, without any filters and also get ready to show them some of yours!


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