Influencer Marketing In The Metaverse

Written By

Jessica C

Written By

Jessica C

Posted On

July 15, 2022



Let’s start off with the obvious question that might pop-up in your head: what *actually* is the metaverse? 

To put it in one simple sentence, the metaverse is a personification of the internet where you are in the content you consume instead of just seeing it! It is basically a means to soon be *in* the platforms you currently use – be it Instagram to watch those reels, LinkedIn to expand your network or Facebook to stay up to date in the lives of your loved ones. 

Now that we are a little clear about what the metaverse is, it’s fair to say that it will have a huge impact on our lives. Therefore, also changing social media entirely. There is an entire new tangent for the influencers to explore and conquer now. 

We don’t think that this is a bad thing, while the traditional influencer marketing continues making its impact: things are only going to get better! 

The metaverse will help influencers give the brands out there better returns for their investments, the main reason being better interaction opportunities with the audience. These interaction opportunities don’t have any boundaries, the audience will be able to experience whatever the influencer offers like they’re right next to them! 

Many influencers have hopped on to leverage the metaverse. Travis Scott had an in-game concert on Fortnite which gave the audience the perfect glimpse to what the metaverse holds.

Nobody can predict what the metaverse brings but we surely feel it will be all positive vibes for the influencer marketing industry. We’re surely excited to find out, are you? Hold on and wait for the next blog to know how you can leverage on the metaverse as an influencer!


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