Is Influencer Marketing a Wild Goose Chase? 

Written By

Syesha Suri

Written By

Syesha Suri

Posted On

September 2, 2022


Influencer Marketing

Is Influencer Marketing a Wild Goose Chase?

As someone wanting to take over the market in your particular industry, you might have stumbled upon a common question: why is it important to find credible influencers for your brand?

Well, when it comes to originality and visibility, genuine influencer relationships and connections is what gets you there with the audience. 

Influencer marketing is a widely growing industry. According to statistics, 86% advisers employ it and 94% find it beneficial. However, more than often, it can be nothing short of a task to find the right sets of influencers for the campaign you have in mind.

While, as a brand, there are thousands of things to strategize and plan, influencer marketing often takes a later role in the priority list. For this reason, there are multiple agencies that help you take over this role and perform remarkably well. 

Let’s take you through why an agency is what you should consider when you think of getting in the influencer marketing space. 

The Direct Path To The Right Influencers: An Agency?

Here is a list of reasons as to how agencies ensure you’re not on a wild goose chase when it comes to influencer marketing. 

  1. Ease 

Working with an agency for outsourcing your influencer marketing campaign brings a lot of ease in multiple ways. Be it cost effectiveness, less time consumed in strategizing or evaluating the objectives vs. the outcomes- an agency is always going to make it easy for you.

  1. Influencer Relations & Expertise 

An agency has strong relations when it comes to the diverse base of influencers that they regularly work with. This diverse base and strong relations with them is what helps in executing a campaign successfully as per expectations. Not only this, with the kind of experience portfolio that agencies hold, they have strong expertise that can help you in getting the best outcome from your influencer campaign.m

  1. Reporting 

A successful agency knows its campaign from top to bottom. Working closely with one means that you are ought to receive a detailed report post-campaign that will help evaluate the strengths and weaknesses to work on for the next campaign. These reports help get a valuable insight to how each post is working for your business and the campaign objectives. 

  1. Turnaround Time 

If you start to plan an influencer campaign in-house, from strategy to execution, the turnaround time is likely to be so high that you miss out on the right time to tap into the market. This is what makes it essential to have a quick turnaround time, so that you can leverage the trends in the industry and the market to tap your desired audience in no time. Agencies, with their expertise ensure a quick turnaround time for your campaign, ensuring no opportunity with the audience is lost. 

So, when it comes to influencer marketing- NO, it is NOT a wild goose chase as long as you have the right resources to achieve your desired campaign objectives.


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