Is Snapchat Making A Comeback?

Written By

Divijaa Agrawal

Written By

Divijaa Agrawal

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September 8, 2022


Social Media

As reported by the Financial Times, Snapchat is again in popularity, with more than a hundred million more users than Twitter. Its user base also has expanded quicker than that of Facebook.

There are several causes for this, including:

— It has increased the effectiveness of digital advertising and marketing.

— Its resources have been stabilized.

— Its concentration on micro-communities and personal communications has allowed it to build its user base quicker than Facebook.

— Snapchat has more early twenties and “Gen Zs” consumers than TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. 

1. Advertisements are becoming more visible.

Right now, social media is a powerful marketing and selling channel. Brands in 2022 are aggressively investing in social media advertising and sales.

Snapchat launched many promotional options for brands to meet the high trends for driving sales. For example, they offer the AR Lens, which lets marketers add visuals and engaging elements to their snaps.

Furthermore, since the ‘Discover feed’ is customized for each user, you may quickly reach the correct audience if you properly establish your targeted demographic.

The firm has collaborated with major companies like Ralph Lauren, the New York Post, and NYX Professional Makeup to build AR marketing solutions tailored to their respective markets, particularly with the rising digital purchasing sector as a result of COVID-19.

2. More Resources for Generation Z. 

The odd elements of the social networking network may have attracted members. Nevertheless, the reason why customers remain around is that it consistently improves to supply them with interesting elements.

There are Snapchat-only games in which you can talk to your friend while playing. Other impressive advancements involve Snap Minis, the Camera Kit for businesses, and the augmented Snap Kit, now incorporating over 800 applications and obtaining conversions from nearly 150 million people monthly.

In India, Snapchat has introduced its Snapchat+ subscription service. Subscribers get access to a variety of special, innovative, and pre-release services on the network. Additionally, individuals will be able to receive priority help from the Snapchat staff. 

Consumers may also see how many users are watching their stories again, change the design of Snapchat symbols, and so on. What a fantastic method to instill FOMO! 

3. AR and VR enhancements.

Although times have evolved, Snapchat remains focused on the feature for which it was originally designed. Snapchat, in some ways, transformed the way users produce and communicate material digitally – and it’s doing that again.

Snapchat fans can look forward to a plethora of new programming and AR filters in the coming days. With advanced functionality like Snap 3D, the network is broadening its AR and VR technologies. As a result, firms must discover how to create these fresh features if they want to stand out in 2022 and beyond.

. . . 

Snapchat is set to experience a spectacular year in 2023. After several claims to the contrary, it may be on its way back. Admittedly, its rise over the last year has been rather significant, aided by the COVID-19 lockdowns.

The intriguing aspect of Snapchat is that it is the very first “cool” app that its primary customers have. That type of feeling might be a valuable advantage.

In 2020, games and sophisticated filters were integrated. In 2021, Snapchat demonstrated what it can provide a business that Instagram or other platforms do not, and in 2022, we saw numerous companies sprouting, which will now expand even more.


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