Niche Influencers: The Perfect Choice or Not?!

Written By

Syesha Suri

Written By

Syesha Suri

Posted On

August 10, 2022


Influencer Marketing

When brands think of influencer marketing, their automatic first choice is a bucket of influencers from their niche & brand category. However, is it really the perfect choice considering the market in today’s time? Let’s find out!

If we talk about the TG these days, one thing constant across all is diversity. In the world of social media today, one thing that the audience likes is variety of content. They follow different influencers belonging to categories that might be poles apart. The TG that like someone posting finance & stock tips might be the same one also consuming funny meme content. 

Sometimes, the best option for your brand might be to go with influencers that are not from your niche, the reason being the kind of TG you can tap. With the wide base of audiences these creators have these days, there’s a huge TG left untapped that follows their content. 

The perfect choice or not totally depends on the kind of product, campaign and brand you hold. Sometimes, it might be the right choice and sometimes a blend might work well in your favour. It’s important to get the right strategy & approach to get the best out of your campaigns!


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