What Are Some Biggest Mistakes Made In Influencer Marketing?

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Divijaa Agrawal

Written By

Divijaa Agrawal

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September 19, 2022


Influencer Marketing

So you track hundreds of influencers, make a pitch to them, they agree to promote your products and services, and you spend a lot of money on influencer marketing. Everything appears to be going well, but you don’t know where to stop. That, my friends, is a problem.

You may be able to deliver, but you may not know what to provide. To ace your next campaign, read this article!

1. The very first and most crucial mistake has to be— Not Outlining Your Influencer Marketing Campaign’s Purpose.

Every marketing effort must have a specific aim, whether that goal is to increase brand recognition, generate conversions, or increase consumer loyalty. If you do not really determine what you want to attain from the campaign, you won’t know how to gauge its success. 

As a result, no one knows if the promotion was a hit or not. You won’t know if their marketing is bringing in the appropriate ROI, conversions and reach you are looking for. 

How can this be avoided? Decide what campaign success means to you. What do you want to gain from the promotion? Do you wish for brand awareness? Or do you wish to increase sales with the campaign? When you’ve determined the objectives of your influencer marketing strategy, you may set your key performance indicators (KPIs).

2. Being Attracted Just By Audience Number.

Don’t we all believe that simply because an influencer has a large following means they will have the greatest impact? This statement is only valid if your purpose is to raise brand recognition. However, when it comes to generating sales, this logic may backfire.

Giving the Kardashians a gaming product to market, for example. They might be able to explore a few eager people among their following. However, their target demographic comprises mostly fitness, fashion, cosmetics, and beauty enthusiasts.

Avoid this by first, looking for influencers in your industry. After you’ve shortlisted some influencers, learn their engagement rate. Don’t judge a book by its cover! 

Tip: If a brand wants to increase their reach and engagement, it should try working with micro-influencers. Their audience is big enough to leave a lasting impression.

3. Don’t limit your content production too much.

Allow influencers to get creative with your offering. Provide them with some general parameters, such as the style and mood you want it to portray. Then allow them to come up with content really unique.

A constrained promotion would appear to have been designed by the brand. Your intended audience will notice right through this. They also might lose faith in your brand if the information appears excessively promotional.

. . . 

89% believe that ROI from an influencer marketing agency is better than riding solo! So, if you are unclear on how to go with the campaign, try hiring a marketing agency because they are familiar with the market and can assist you in having a successful promotion.

Remember to make your brands appear honest to your audience, and make sure influencers provide real and interesting material for your product.


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