Topical Content: Should You Really Leverage On It?

Written By

Jessica C

Written By

Jessica C

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June 20, 2022



Well, who doesn’t enjoy a good build up? Now that we’ve got your attention, let’s take a minute to define the ‘it’ to you! 

Have you seen how brands in the market these days pick up a viral and trending topic and create content around it?

That’s exactly ‘it’Topical Content Marketing. 

To add to it further, topical content marketing is basically brands taking up the trending topics in the market, to develop marketing strategies that help increase consumer engagement. This kind of marketing strategy requires a brand to be well aware of the current affairs and proactive with their campaigns. 

The reason behind Topical Marketing being the new black (see what we did there?) is the kind of impact it brings for a company. The biggest advantage of this type of content is the relatability

Just imagine, you saw an interesting piece of news and then shortly after, you see a brand creative on it. Won’t that create high resonance in your mind? With topical content, brands can speak the language of the audience and create a deeper sense of relatability

However, the most important point to consider is how to sustain these audiences after you have created the awareness with the temporary peak achieved while the topic trend lasts. 

Now, for many the big question is – does topical content match up to the evergreen content? Well, in today’s world where change is the only constant, it can be difficult to wait for your content to stand the test of time and perform well in the long run. While it is essential to have a proper balance, it is extremely important to act upon what’s going on in the market and use it to your advantage. 
Therefore, the answer is: yes! It is important to use the new ways to promote a brand in the market for your own brand and topical marketing is the thing currently. The content you create via this strategy might be topical, but the impact it brings is sure to resonate with your audience. And, about it being evergreen? That’s what we’re here for!


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